Checking device KZ4

Checking device KZ4 is additional safety equipment for stamping presses. It periodically monitors stamping process with one to four checking sensors, mounted at appropriate places. If the device detects malfunction or deviation from correct operation, it immediately stops the press movement and warns the operator; therefore it prevents stamping tool damages connected with high financial costs.

High versatility of the KZ4 makes it connectable to all types of forming presses with various level of automatization (manual manipulation by operator, mechanical feeders, pneumatic feeders or complex automation lines with precise electronic roll feeders).

Stamping tool checks help you to:

  • protect stamping tools against damage (destruction)
  • avoid unwanted forming press overload
  • immediately identify defective parts.


Standard functions

As standard, checking device KZ4 offers you these functions:

  • 3,5″ color touch display
  • sensor of press main axle rotation (resolution better than 1°)
  • 4 input connectors for checking sensors
  • selection of 3 check types for every input
  • selection of type of press stop for every input (immediate stop, stop at TDC)
  • 1 output for electronic cam (for parts ejection, lubrication oil batching, etc.)
  • “logic analyzer” with clear graph for easy commisioning
  • receipts for press tools.


Technical parameters

Checking device KZ4
Supply voltage 100 – 240 VAC / 50 – 60 Hz
Power consumption 60 W
Max. press axle speed < 800 strokes / min.
Min. detectable input pulse > 5 ms
Input sensors
Number of checking inputs 4 pcs.
Checking sensor type any (*)
Supply voltage for sensors 24 VDC
Max. current consumption 2 000 mA (overall)
Encoder resolution 100 imp / rev
Output relays
Number of output relays 3 pcs. (each 2 changeover contacts)
Permissible contacts load AC1: 8 A / 250 VAC
DC1: 6 A / 30 VDC

(*) It is possible to connect all types of checking sensors with digital output, for example mechanical, inductive, optical, capacitive sensors etc.


Examples of display screens
Checking device KZ4