Self-learning checking device

Self-learning checking device is additional safety system for stamping presses. It checks repetitive actions, which occur during material forming. In case of failure or deviation from correct state, it stops the movement of the press immediately; therefore it prevents damages of machine tool or other press parts.

Mechanical realization

From one to four sensors (mechanical, inductive, optical, etc.) have to be placed at technologically appropriate places, so they detect repetitive actions during correct press movement and, in case of failure or deviation, they detect a change from normal state.

Principle of work

Self-learning check has 2 main operating modes:

  • Learning mode
  • Checking mode


After every switch on, learning mode is activated on the device. In this mode, the device reads input signals from sensors during one full rotation of press main axle. After completing this rotation, the device stores states of each sensor with time stamps in its memory. Learning is then completed and the device is automatically switched into checking mode.

At the checking mode, the device periodically reads states of input sensors and these compares with states stored in the memory. If some deviation occurs (higher than set hysteresis), it immediately stops the press movement; therefore it prevents damages.


Self-learning checking device
Self-learning checking device