Strip decoiler JO

A decoiler is an additional equipment used in forming press manufacture, which ensures continuous decoiling of metal belt from a coil. In a production line, it is placed at its beginning.

Mechanical realization

The decoiler consists of these main parts:

  • A chassis, welded from metal sections and plates. In it, there are placed particular machine parts and control components.
  • A drive unit. It consists of gear with electromotor, chainsaw wheel and mounting plate. A main rotating movement of decoiler axle is produced by motor and transmitted to axle by two-row roller chain.
  • The decoiler axle is made from stainless steel. It is placed in ball bearings. On the axle, there are mounted stretching mechanism, electromagnetic brake and electromagnetic clutch with chainsaw wheel. The electromagnetic brake stops rotating the axle after releasing the clutch.
  • Stretching jaws of stretching mechanism is performed by rotating a screw. This mechanism has three attachments, which are addded on jaws, when the inner diameter of the coil is from 500 to 600 mm.
  • A pneumatic pulling disc; It is used for pulling the metal belt when decoiling or backward coiling. It avoids decoiling the metal coil when an operator installs new metal belt into feeder’s rolls.


Decoiler control

Rotating movement of the decoiler is ensured by electromotor with frequency inverter, which performs smooth acceleration and deceleration ramps, thus continuous making of a reserve loop. Size of the reserve loop is controlled wirelessly by analogue distance sensor. On the sensor’s frame, there is also mounted a limit switch for stopping the following machine after the decoiler in case of failure and no reserve loop.